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Acronyms from G to J


GA - Goal Area
GAP - Gender Action Plan (2018-2021)
GARR - Global Annual Results Report
GAVI - Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization
GBV - Gender-based violence
GCF - Green Climate Fund
GDP - Gross domestic product
GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation (EU)
GEROS - Global Evaluation Reports Oversight System
GEM - Gender Equality Marker OR Global Evaluation Meeting
GHD - Girls’ Holistic Development (The Grandmother Project)
GIC - Generic Intervention Code OR Global Innovation Center
GIS - Geographical Information Systems
GL - General Ledger
GLAAS - UN-Water Global Analysis and Assessment of Sanitation and Drinking-Water
GM - Growth Monitoring
GMP - Growth Monitoring and Promotion OR Good Manufacturing Practices
GMT - Global Management Team
GNI - Gross National Income
GNP - gross national product
GPE - Global Partnership for Education
GP EVAC - Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children
GPI - Gender Parity Index
GPP - Global Programme Partnership
GPR - Gender Programmatic Review
GR - Goods Receipt
GRIP - Guidance for Risk-informed Programming
GRM - Grievance Redress Mechanism
GRP - Global and Regional Programme
GS - General Service (staff member)
GSA - Global Staff Association
GSBPM - Generic Statistical Business Process Model
GSS - Global Staff Survey
GSSC - Global Shared Services Centre
GTC - General Terms and Conditions
GWC - Global WASH Cluster
GWP - Global Water Partnership


H&N - Health and Nutrition
H1N1 - Influenza A virus
H5N1 - Avian Influenza virus
HAC - Humanitarian Action for Children
HACT - Harmonised Approach to Cash Transfers
HAP - Humanitarian Accountability Partnership
HAR - Humanitarian Action Report
HBF - Health Basket Fund
HC - Humanitarian Coordinator
HCA - Host Country Agreement
HCF - Health Care Facility
HCT - Humanitarian Country Team OR Humanitarian Cash Transfer
HepB - Hepatitis B vaccine
HEPI - Health Emergencies Preparedness Initiative
HF - Health Facility
Hib - Haemophilus influenza b
HIV - Human Immunodeficiency Virus
HH - household
HLCM - High Level Committee on Management (UNSCEB)
HLCP - High Level Committee on Programmes (UNSCEB)
HNO - Humanitarian Needs Overview
HOPE - Humanitarian cash Operations and Programme Ecosystem
HoO - Head of Office
HPD - Humanitarian Programme Document
HPM - Humanitarian Performance Monitoring
HPV - Human Papilloma Virus
HRBAP - human rights-based approach to programming
HRBP - HR business partner
HRH - Human Resources for Health
HRLFP - Human Resources Local Focal Point
HRP - Humanitarian Response Plan
HSS - Health Systems Strengthening
HSSP - Health Sector Strategic Plan
HWWS - Hand Washing With Soap


IADB - Inter-American Development Bank
IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency
IAEG-SDGs - Inter-Agency and Experts Group on monitoring the SDGs
IASC - Inter-agency Standing Committee
IATI - International Aid Transparency Initiative
IB - Integrated Budget
IBCS - Integrated Budget Costing System
IBR - Integrated budget review
IBRD - International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
IBV - incentive-based volunteer
ICAO - International Civil Aviation Organization
iCCM - integrated community case management
ICCPR - International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
ICE - Itemized Cost Estimate
ICESCR - International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
ICRC - International Committee of the Red Cross
ICSC - International Civil Service Commission
ICT - Information and communications technology
IDA - International Development Association
IDB - Inter-American Development Bank (also IADB)
IDP - Internally Displaced Person
IEC - Information, Education and Communication
IFAD - International Fund for Agricultural Development
IFC - International Finance Corporation
IFI - International Financial Institution
IHL - International Humanitarian Law
IHR - International Human Rights
ILI - Influenza Like Illness
ILO - International Labour Organization
ILR - Ice-lined refrigerator
IMAM - Integrated Management of Acute Malnutrition
IMAP - Internal Monitoring Action Plan
IMCI - Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses
IMEP - Integrated Monitoring and Evaluation Plan
IMERP - Integrated Monitoring
IMF - International Monetary Fund
IMIS - Integrated Management Information System
IMO - International Maritime Organization
IMR - Infant Mortality Rate
INEE - Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies
INFF - Integrated National Financing Framework
Infoterra - Global Environmental Information Exchange Network [UNEP]
INSTRAW - International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women
IOM - International Organization for Migration
IP - Implementing Partner OR International Professional (staff member)
IPC - Infection Prevention and Control OR Integrated Food Security Phase Classification OR Interpersonal Communication
IPPN - Integrated Policy and Practitioners Network
IPSAS - International Public Sector Accounting Standards
IPU - Inter-Parliamentary Union
IPV - Inactivated Polio Vaccine
IR - Invoice Receipt
IRP - Integrated Resources Plan
IRRF - Integrated Results and Resources Framework
IsDB - Islamic Development Bank
ITB - Invitation to bid
ITC - International Trade Centre
ITN - insecticide-treated net
ITS - Informal Tented Settlements
ITU - International Telecommunication Union
IYCF - Infant and young child feeding


JCC - Joint Consultative Committee OR Joint Crisis Committee
JEPs - Joint Engagement Plans
JICA - Japan International Cooperation Agency
JIU - Joint Inspection Unit
JMP - Joint Monitoring Programme
JPO - Junior Professional Officer
JSP - Joint Strategic Planning

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