With so many acronyms, it can be tough to understand UNICEF's data. This page aims to serve as a comprehensive guide to acronyms and abbreviations commonly used today in UNICEF and the larger UN system.

As we continue to build this page, in case we missed one, you can help us by contacting [email protected]. Your contribution will be added to the list!


A&A - Adaptation & Acceleration
AAP - Accountability for Affected Populations
AC - Annual Consultation
ADAP - Adolescent Development and Participation
ACABQ - Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions
ACF - Action Contre la Faim
ACLs - accelerated learning centres
ACMO - Additional Chief Medical Officer
ACT - Allocation and Ceiling Tracker
ACT-A - Access to Covid-19 Tools Accelerator
ACT-A SFF - Access to Covid-19 Tools Accelerator, Supplies Financing Fund
AD - Auto-Destruct Syringe
ADB - Asian Development Bank
AEFI - adverse event following immunization
AES/JE - Acute Encephalitis Syndrome/Japanese Encephalitis
AfDB - African Development Bank
AfricaSan - Africa Conference on Sanitation and Hygiene
AI - Administrative Instruction (procedure) OR Artificial Intelligence
AIDS - Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
AMCOW - African Ministers' Council on Water
AMP - Annual Management Plan
AMR - Antimicrobial Resistance
ANM - Auxiliary Nurse Midwife
AOB - Any Other Business
APA - Advanced Preparedness Action OR Advance Purchase Agreement
APEC - Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
AROPE - At risk of poverty or social exclusion
ARR - Annual Results Report
ART - Antiretroviral Treatment
ARV - Antiretroviral
ASEAN - Association of Southeast Asian Nations
ASHA - Accredited Social Health Activist
ASG - Assistant Secretary-General
AU - African Union
AUDA - Africa Union Development Agency
AWP - Annual Work Plan
AWW - Anganwadi Worker


B4R - Business for Results
BA - Business Area
BAB - Board Approved Budget
BAFO - Best And Final Offer
BAT - Bottleneck Analysis Tool
BCA - Basic Cooperation Agreement
BCC - Behaviour Change Communication
BCG - Bacille Calmette-Guérin (Tuberculosis Vaccine)
BCP - Business Continuity Plan
BCPM - Block Community Process Manager
BEmONC - Basic Emergency Obstetric and New-born Care
BFT - Business Formulation Tool
BIA - Best interests assessment
BID - Best interests determination
BIR - Business Information Reporting
BMA - Budget Management Allotment (Institutional Budget Allotment)
BMT - Baseline, Milestones, Targets
BOS - Business Operations Strategy
BPHS - Basic Package of Health Services
BPRM - United States Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration
BR - Bank Reconciliation
BRAC - Bangladesh Rehabilitation Assistance Committee
BRD - Business Requirements Document


C4D - Communication for Development
CAG - Cash Assistance to Government
CAP - Consolidated Appeals Process
CAPO - Child Affairs Police Officer
CATS - Community Approaches to Total Sanitation
CAAC - Children and Armed Conflict
CARICOM - Caribbean Community
CBA - Community Based Approaches
CBE - Community Based Education
CBF - Common Budgetary Framework
CBO - Community-based organization OR Common Back Office
CC - Common Chapter
CCA - Common Country Assessment OR Climate Change Adaptation
CCD - Care for Child Development
CCC - Core Commitments for Children in Humanitarian Action
CCSA - Committee for Co-ordination of Statistical Activities
CCS-UN - the Committee of Chief Statisticians of the UN
CEAP - Corporate Emergency Activation Procedure
CEB - UN System Chief Executive Board for Coordination OR Chief Executives Board
CEDAW - Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women
CEE - Climate, Energy, and Environment OR obsolete term for ECAR
CELAC - Community of Latin American and Caribbean States
CEMAC - Central African Economic and Monetary Community
CEN-SAD - Community of Sahelo-Saharan States
CEP - Costed Evaluation Plan
CEPGL - Economic Community of the Great Lakes Countries
CER - Consolidated Emergency Report
CERD - International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination
CERF - Central Emergency Relief Fund
CFAF - Communauté Financière Africaine
CFC - Caring For the Caregivers
CFLG - Child Friendly Local Governance
CFM - Complaints and Feedback Mechanism
CFS - Child-friendly School OR Change of Funding Source OR Child Friendly Space
CFSS - Child Friendly Schools and Systems
CHAI - Clinton Health Access Initiative
CHAP - Common Humanitarian Action Plan
CHS - Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability
CHW - Community Health Worker
CHTE - Complex and High Threat Environment
CIS - Commonwealth of Independent States OR obsolete term for ECAR
CIT - Country In Transition
CLA - Cluster Lead Agency
CLAC - Climate Landscape Analysis for Children
CLTS - Community-Led Total Sanitation
CM - Community Mobilization
CMAM - community-based management of acute malnutrition
CMC - Community Management Committee
CMCA - Common Multi-Country Assessment
CMS - Central Medical Stores
CMT - Country Management Team
CNA - Compendium for Nutrition Actions
CO - Country Office
COAP - Country Office Annual Plan
COAR - Country Office Annual Report
CODAS - Country Office Development And Support                   
CoP - Community of Practice
CO PAT - Country Office Post Authorization Table
COSA - Country Office Staff Association
COSO - Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission
COVID-19 - ‘CO’ stands for corona, ‘VI’ for virus, ‘D’ for disease, and ‘19’ for 2019 (year first identified).
CP - Country Programme of Cooperation OR Child Protection
CPAN - Child Protection Action Network
CPAP - Country Programme Action Plan
CPD - Country Programme Document
CPE - Country Programme Evaluation
CPiE - Child Protection in Emergencies
CPMP - Country Programme Management Plan
CPMS - Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action
CRAVE - Country Reporting and Validation Exercise
CRB - Children's Rights and Business
CRC - Convention on the Rights of the Child OR Contract Review Committee
CRIs - Core Relief Items
CRM - Child Rights Monitoring
CRPD - Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
CRVS - Civil Registration and Vital Statistics
CSE - Comprehensive Sexuality Education
CSG - Child Safeguarding
CSI - Country Strategic Indicators
CSO - Civil Society Organisation OR Country Status Overview
CSP - Civil Society Partnerships
CwD - Children with Disabilities


DALY – Disability Adjusted Life Year
DANIDA - Danish International Development Agency
DAPM - Division of Data, Analytics, Planning and Monitoring
DASEWU - Define Acronyms So Everyone Will Understand!
DaO - Delivering as One
DC - District Council
DCT - Direct Cash Transfers
DED - Deputy Executive Director
DEI - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
DDI - Data Documentation Initiative
DFAM - Division of Financial and Administrative Management
DFATD - Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development, Canada
DHR - Division of Human Resources
DHS - Domestic Household Survey OR Demographic and Health Survey
DIMCI - Distant-learning Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses
DMT - Disaster Management Team
DoA - Description of Assignment
DOC - Division of Communication
DP - Direct Payment
DPIA - Data Protection Impact Assessment
DPRK - Democratic People's Republic of Korea
DROPS (meeting) - Deputy Representatives and Operations Managers
DRC - Democratic Republic of Congo
DRD - Deputy Regional Director
DRR - Disaster Risk Reduction
DSA - Daily Subsistence Allowance OR Data Sharing Agreement OR Donor Statement by Activity
DSPL - DataSet Publishing Language
DTC - Diarrhea Treatment Centres
DTP - Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis vaccine



E&E - efficiency and effectiveness (in programming and operations)
EA - Availability Assessment
EAC - East African Community
EAPR - East Asia and Pacific Region
EAPRO - East Asia and Pacific Regional Office
EAR - Emergency Appeal Reference
EBF - Exclusive breastfeeding
EBRD - European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
ECA - Economic Commission for Africa
ECAR - Europe and Central Asia Region
ECARO - Europe and Central Asia Regional Office
ECCAS - Economic Community of Central African States
ECCE - Early Childhood Care and Education
ECD - Early Childhood Development
ECE - Economic Commission for Europe OR Early Childhood Education
ECHO - European Commission Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department
ECLAC - Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean
ECM - Enterprise Content Management
ECOWAS - Economic Community of West African States
ECW - Education Cannot Wait
EDAR - Annual Report of the Executive Director of UNICEF
EEFO - Earliest-Expiry-First-Out
EFA - Education for All
EFPs - Essential Family Practices
EFTA - European Free Trade Association
eGRC - Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance
EIA - Environmental Impact Assessment
EiE - Education in Emergencies
EISI - Evidence Information Systems Integration
eLMIS - Electronic Logistics Management Information System
EMIS - Education Management Information System
EML - Essential Medicines List
EmONC - Emergency Obstetric and New-born Care
EMOPS - Office of Emergency Programmes
EMT - Emergency Management Team
eMTCT - Elimination of Mother to Child Transmission (of HIV)
ENAP - Every Newborn Action Plan
EOI - Expressions of Interest
EOD - Entry on Duty
EoYR - End of Year Report
EPF - Emergency Programme Fund
EPI - Expanded Programme on Immunization
EPP - Emergency Preparedness Platform
EPRP - Emergency preparedness response plan
ERC - Emergency Relief Coordinator
ERM - Enterprise Risk Management
ERT - Emergency Response Team
ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning
ESCAP - Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
ESCWA - Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia
ESP - Education Sector Plan
ESA - Education Sector Analysis
ESAR - Eastern and Southern African Region
ESARO - Eastern and Southern African Regional Office
EUL - Emergency Use Listing Procedure
EVM - Effective Vaccine Management
EVMA - Effective Vaccine Management Assessment
EVSA - Effective Vaccine Store Assessment
EWEA - Early Warning Early Action
EXD - Executive Directive
EYR - End of Year Report
EYSN - End-Year Summary Narrative


FA - Framework Agreement
FACE - Funding Authorization and Certificate of Expenditure
FAM - Financial Assurance Module
FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
FC - Funds Commitment
FDI - Foreign direct investment
FGM/C - Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting
FGD - Focus Group Discussion
FI - Food Item
FIC - Fully Immunized Child
FICSA - Federation of International Civil Servants’ Associations
FIFO - First In First Out
FP - Focal Point
FR - Fund Reservation
FSP - Financial Service Provider
FTIs - Faecally-Transmitted Infections
FWA - Flexible Working Arrangement



GA - Goal Area
GAP - Gender Action Plan (2018-2021)
GARR - Global Annual Results Report
GAVI - Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization
GBV - Gender-based violence
GCF - Green Climate Fund
GDP - Gross domestic product
GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation (EU)
GEROS - Global Evaluation Reports Oversight System
GEM - Gender Equality Marker OR Global Evaluation Meeting
GHD - Girls’ Holistic Development (The Grandmother Project)
GIC - Generic Intervention Code OR Global Innovation Center
GIS - Geographical Information Systems
GL - General Ledger
GLAAS - UN-Water Global Analysis and Assessment of Sanitation and Drinking-Water
GM - Growth Monitoring
GMP - Growth Monitoring and Promotion OR Good Manufacturing Practices
GMT - Global Management Team
GNI - Gross National Income
GNP - gross national product
GPE - Global Partnership for Education
GP EVAC - Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children
GPI - Gender Parity Index
GPP - Global Programme Partnership
GPR - Gender Programmatic Review
GR - Goods Receipt
GRIP - Guidance for Risk-informed Programming
GRM - Grievance Redress Mechanism
GRP - Global and Regional Programme
GS - General Service (staff member)
GSA - Global Staff Association
GSBPM - Generic Statistical Business Process Model
GSS - Global Staff Survey
GSSC - Global Shared Services Centre
GTC - General Terms and Conditions
GWC - Global WASH Cluster
GWP - Global Water Partnership


H&N - Health and Nutrition
H1N1 - Influenza A virus
H5N1 - Avian Influenza virus
HAC - Humanitarian Action for Children
HACT - Harmonised Approach to Cash Transfers
HAP - Humanitarian Accountability Partnership
HAR - Humanitarian Action Report
HBF - Health Basket Fund
HC - Humanitarian Coordinator
HCA - Host Country Agreement
HCF - Health Care Facility
HCT - Humanitarian Country Team OR Humanitarian Cash Transfer
HepB - Hepatitis B vaccine
HEPI - Health Emergencies Preparedness Initiative
HF - Health Facility
Hib - Haemophilus influenza b
HIV - Human Immunodeficiency Virus
HH - household
HLCM - High Level Committee on Management (UNSCEB)
HLCP - High Level Committee on Programmes (UNSCEB)
HNO - Humanitarian Needs Overview
HOPE - Humanitarian cash Operations and Programme Ecosystem
HoO - Head of Office
HPD - Humanitarian Programme Document
HPM - Humanitarian Performance Monitoring
HPV - Human Papilloma Virus
HRBAP - human rights-based approach to programming
HRBP - HR business partner
HRH - Human Resources for Health
HRLFP - Human Resources Local Focal Point
HRP - Humanitarian Response Plan
HSS - Health Systems Strengthening
HSSP - Health Sector Strategic Plan
HWWS - Hand Washing With Soap



IADB - Inter-American Development Bank
IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency
IAEG-SDGs - Inter-Agency and Experts Group on monitoring the SDGs
IASC - Inter-agency Standing Committee
IATI - International Aid Transparency Initiative
IB - Integrated Budget
IBCS - Integrated Budget Costing System
IBR - Integrated budget review
IBRD - International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
IBV - incentive-based volunteer
ICAO - International Civil Aviation Organization
iCCM - integrated community case management
ICCPR - International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
ICE - Itemized Cost Estimate
ICESCR - International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
ICRC - International Committee of the Red Cross
ICSC - International Civil Service Commission
ICT - Information and communications technology
IDA - International Development Association
IDB - Inter-American Development Bank (also IADB)
IDP - Internally Displaced Person
IEC - Information, Education and Communication
IFAD - International Fund for Agricultural Development
IFC - International Finance Corporation
IFI - International Financial Institution
IHL - International Humanitarian Law
IHR - International Human Rights
ILI - Influenza Like Illness
ILO - International Labour Organization
ILR - Ice-lined refrigerator
IMAM - Integrated Management of Acute Malnutrition
IMAP - Internal Monitoring Action Plan
IMCI - Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses
IMEP - Integrated Monitoring and Evaluation Plan
IMERP - Integrated Monitoring
IMF - International Monetary Fund
IMIS - Integrated Management Information System
IMO - International Maritime Organization
IMR - Infant Mortality Rate
INEE - Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies
INFF - Integrated National Financing Framework
Infoterra - Global Environmental Information Exchange Network [UNEP]
INSTRAW - International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women
IOM - International Organization for Migration
IP - Implementing Partner OR International Professional (staff member)
IPC - Infection Prevention and Control OR Integrated Food Security Phase Classification OR Interpersonal Communication
IPPN - Integrated Policy and Practitioners Network
IPSAS - International Public Sector Accounting Standards
IPU - Inter-Parliamentary Union
IPV - Inactivated Polio Vaccine
IR - Invoice Receipt
IRP - Integrated Resources Plan
IRRF - Integrated Results and Resources Framework
IsDB - Islamic Development Bank
ITB - Invitation to bid
ITC - International Trade Centre
ITN - insecticide-treated net
ITS - Informal Tented Settlements
ITU - International Telecommunication Union
IYCF - Infant and young child feeding


JCC - Joint Consultative Committee OR Joint Crisis Committee
JEPs - Joint Engagement Plans
JICA - Japan International Cooperation Agency
JIU - Joint Inspection Unit
JMP - Joint Monitoring Programme
JPO - Junior Professional Officer
JSP - Joint Strategic Planning



KAPB - Knowledge Attitude Practice and Behaviour
KII - Key Informant Interviews
KM - Knowledge Management
KOICA - Korea International Cooperation Agency
KPI - Key Performance Indicator
KRA - Key Result Area
KRC - Key Results for Children



LACR - Latin America and Caribbean Region
LACRO - Latin America and Caribbean Regional Office
LAS - League of Arab States
LDC - Least Developed Country
LDH - Linking Development and Humanitarian
LEG - local Education Group
LGAs - Local Government Authorities
LGBTQIA+ - Lesbian; Gay; Bisexual; Transgender;  Queer/Questioning; Intersex; Asexual; The "+" symbol stands for all other sexualities, sexes, and genders that aren't included.
LHD - Linking Humanitarian and Development (e.g. LHD Procedure)
LMICs - Low and Middle Income Countries
LTA - long term agreement



M4R - Monitoring for Results
MAP - Monitoring Action Plan
MAPS - Mainstreaming Acceleration Policy Support (for the SDGs)
M&E - Monitoring and Evaluation
MEB - Minimum Expenditure Basket
MENA - Middle East and North Africa Region
MENARO - Middle East and North Africa Regional Office
MBS - Market-based Sanitation
MCP - Multi Country Programme
MCV - measles-containing vaccine
MDAs - Ministerial Department Agencies
MDGs - Millennium Development Goals
MDM - Master Data Management
MDTF - Multi-Donor Trust Fund
MHH - Menstrual Health and Hygiene
MHPSS - Mental health and psychosocial support
MHM - menstrual hygiene management
MICS - Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey
MIP - Medical Insurance Plan
MIRA - Multi-Cluster Initial Rapid Assessment
MMR - Maternal Mortality Ratio
MNCH - Maternal, newborn and child health
MNO - Mobile Network Operator
MNT - Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus
MoE - Ministry of Education
MoH - Ministry of Health
MOPAN - Multilateral Organization Performance Assessment Network
MoRES - Monitoring Results for Equity Systems
MOSS - Minimum Operational Security Standards
MoU - Memorandum of understanding
MPA - Minimum Preparedness Action
MPDSR - Maternal and Perinatal Death Surveillance and Response
MPS - Minimum Package of Services
MR - Measles and Rubella
MS - Member State(s)
MSDCF - Multi-country Sustainable Development Framework
MSF - Médecins Sans Frontières
M-SMOSS - Monitoring safely managed onsite sanitation services project
MTMR - Mid-Term Management Review
MTSR - Mid-Term Strategic Reflection
MTR - Mid-Term Review
MTSP - Medium-term strategic plan
MUAC - mid-upper-arm circumference



NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NCDs - non-communicable diseases
NCHS - National Child Health Statistics
NDA - Nationally Designated Authority
NDB - New Development Bank
NEET - not in employment, education or training
NEPAD - New Partnership for Africa's Development
NFC No-Fault Compensation
NFE - Non-formal education
NFI - Non-Food Item
NfR - Note for the Record
NGO - Non-governmental organization
NETI - New & Emerging Talent Initiative
NO - National Officer
NPO - National Professional Officer
NRA - National Regulatory Agency
NRC - Norwegian Refugee Council
NSAs - Non-State Actors
NSE - Non-State Entity
NSO - National Statistical Office
NTDs - Neglected Tropical Diseases
NUVI - New and underutilized vaccines
NYHQ - New York Headquarters (UNICEF)



OAS - Organization of American States
OAU - Organization of African Unity (now African Union)
OCHA - The UN Office of the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
ODA - Official Development Assistance
ODF - Open Defecation Free
OED - Office of the Executive Director
OECD - Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
OECD-DAC - Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development – Development Assistance Committee
OECS - Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States
OGIP - the Office of Global Insight and Policy
OHCHR - Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
OHRLLS - Office of the High Representative for the Least Developed Countries, Landlocked Developing Countries and Small Island Developing States
OI - Organizational Improvement
OIAI - Office of Internal Audit and Investigations
OIC - Organization of Islamic Cooperation (formerly Organization of the Islamic Conference) OR Officer in Charge
OIF - International Organization of la Francophonie
OIOS - Office of Internal Oversight Services
OMP - Office Management Plan
OMT - Office Management Team
OoC - Office of the Comptroller
OoI - Office of Innovation
OoO - Out of Office
OoR - Office of Research
OOSC - Out-of-school children
OPCW - Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
OPEC - Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries
OPV - Oral Polio Vaccine
OR - Other Resources
ORC - Oral Rehydration Centres
ORE - Other Resources (Emergency)
ORR - Other Resources (Regular)
ORS - Oral Rehydration Salts
OSCE - Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe
OSEB - Office of the Secretariat of the Executive Board (UNICEF)
OSH - Occupational Safety and Health



PAHO - Pan American Health Organization
PAR - Participatory Action Research
PBA - Programme Budget Allotment
PBR - Programme and Budget Review
PCA - Programme Cooperation Agreement
PCN - Project Concept Notes
PCV - Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine
PD - Programme Division OR Programme Document
PDDO - Programme Division Director's Office
PDNA - Post-Disaster Needs Assessment
PDR - Prevent/Detect/Respond
PEF - Partners Engagement Framework
PEP - Post-Exposure Prophylaxis
PER - Performance Evaluation Report
PFP - Private Fundraising and Partnerships (UNICEF Geneva)
PG - Programme Group (Formerly PD, HQ)
PHC - Primary Health Care
PHIA - Public Health Impact Assessment
PIDB - Programme Information Database
PIMAS - Programme Information Management and Administrative Services
PIP - Performance Improvement Plan
PLM - Pregnant and Lactating women
PME - Planning monitoring and evaluation
PMP - Partnership Management Portal
PMR - Planning, Monitoring, Reporting
PMT - Programme Management Team
PMTCT - Prevention of mother-to-child transmission
PO - Purchase Order
PPD - Public Partnerships Division (UNICEF HQ)
PPE - Personal Protective Equipment OR Property, Plant and Equipment
PPP - Purchasing Power Parity
PPPX - Programme Policy and Procedure Site (this Site)
PPTCT - Prevention of Parent-to-Child Transmission
PRQ - Purchase Requisition
PQS - Product Quality Standards
PRA - Participatory Rapid Assessment
PRC - Partnership Review Committee
PRIME - Planning for Research, Implementation, Monitoring, and Evaluation​
PRP Partner Reporting Portal
PSE - Private Sector Engagement
PSP - Private Sector Plan
PRS(P) - Poverty Reduction Strategy (Paper)
PSB - Property Survey Board
PSEA - Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse / Protection Against Sexual Exploitation and Abuse / Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse
PSFR - Program specific funding requirement OR Private Sector Fundraising
PSN - Program Strategy Note
PSS - Psychosocial Support
PSV - Peer Support Volunteer
PTG - Plan de Travail Glissant
PTR - Plan de Travail Roulant 



QCPR - Quadrennial Comprehensive Policy Review
QOC - Quality of Care



RA - Result Area (Strategic Plan)
RAM - Results Assessment Module
RAPS - Risk Analysis and Preparedness Section, EMOPS
RBB - Results-Based Budgeting
RBM - Results Based Management
RRBM - Rights and Results Based Management
RC - Resident Coordinator
RCT - Randomized Control Trial
RCCE - Risk Communication and Community Engagement
RD - Regional Director
REC - Reaching Every Child
RED - Reaching Every District
RFP - Request For Proposal
RFPS - Request for Proposal for Services
RFQ - Request For Quotation
RF - Regulatory Framework
RFL - Regulatory Framework Library
RFT - Rural Female Teachers
RM - Resource Mobilization
RMNCH - Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health
RMT - Regional Management Team
RPC - Regional Planning Chief
RO - Regional Office
ROAR - Regional Office Annual Report
ROMP - Regional Office Management Plan
ROSA - Regional Office of South Asia
RR - Regular Resources OR Rapid Response
RRF - Results and Resources Framework
RRP - Refugee Response Plan OR Regional Refugee Plan
RRT - Rapid Response Team
RSA - Regional Staff Association
RTE - Real-time Evaluation
RUTF - Ready-to-use Therapeutic Foods
RWP - Rolling Work Plan



S4B - Skype for Business
SAARC - South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation
SADC - Southern African Development Community
SAI - Supreme Audit Institution
SAM - Severe acute malnutrition
SAP - Systems Applications and Products
SAR - South Asia Region
SBC - Social and Behavior Change
SBCC - Social and Behavior Change Communication
SBP - Stand-by Partners
SARS - Severe acute respiratory syndrome
SD - Supply Division
SDGs - Sustainable Development Goals
SDMX - Statistical Data and Metadata eXchange
SEA - Sexual Exploitation and Abuse
SFA - Strategic Framework Agreement
SGB - Secretary General Bulletin
SHARE - Sanitation and Hygiene Applied Research for Equity
SIC - Specific Intervention Codes
SitAn - Situation Analysis of Children's Rights
SitRep - Situation Report
SIWI - Stockholm International Water Institute
SLA - Service Level Agreements
SM - Senior Management OR Staff Member
SMART - Standardized Monitoring and Assessment of Relief and Transition
SMQ - Strategic Monitoring Questions
SMR - Strategic Moment of Reflection
SMS - Safely Managed Sanitation
SMT - Senior Management Team OR Security Management Team
SRH - Sexual and reproductive health
SRHR - sexual and reproductive health and rights
SRSP - sock responsive social protection
SSWG - Social Science Working Group
SOP - Standard Operating Procedures
SoD - Segregation of Duties
SP - Strategic Plan OR Social Policy OR SharePoint
SPIMR - Strategic Planning, Implementation, Monitoring, and Reporting, section in DAPM
SPPME - Social Policy, Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation
SRA - Strategic Results Areas
SSA - Special Service Agreement
SSC - South South Cooperation
SSFA - Small Scale Funding Agreement
STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
STL - Safe to Learn
SWA - Sanitation and Water for All
SWAp - Sector Wide Approach
SWM - Solid Waste Management



TA - Temporary Assignment OR Technical Assistance OR Travel Authorization
T4D - Technology for Development
TCA - Targeted Country Assistance
TET - Technical Emergency Team
ToC - Theory of Change
TMI - Talent Management Initiative
TMS - Talent Management System
TOR - Terms of Reference
TPM - Third Party Monitoring
TRT - Technical Review Team
ToA - Table of Authority
ToR - Terms of Reference
ToT - Training of Trainers



UASC - Unaccompanied and Separated Children
UDHR - Universal Declaration of Human Rights
UNAIDS - Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS
UNBOA - United Nations Board of Auditors
UNCCS - United Nations Common Cash System
UNCITRAL - United Nations Commission on International Trade Law
UNCoLSC - UN Commission on Life-Saving Commodities
UNCT - United Nations Country Team
UNCTAD - United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
UNDAF - United Nations Development Assistance Framework
UNDAF-AP - UNDAF Action Plan
UNDAP - United Nations Development Assistance Plan
UNDG - United Nations Development Group
UNDP - United Nations Development Programme
UNDSS - United Nations Department for Safety and Security
UNEP - United Nations Environment Programme
UNESCO - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
UNFPA - United Nations Population Fund
UN-Habitat - United Nations Human Settlements Programme
UNHCR - Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
UNICEF - United Nations Children’s Fund
UNIDO - United Nations Industrial Development Organization
UNIFEM - United Nations Development Fund for Women [transferred to UN-Women]
UNGEI - United Nations Girls' Education Initiative
UNLP - UN Laissez-Passer (UN passport)
UNOCHA – United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
UNODC - United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
UN-OHCHR - Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
UNOPS - United Nations Office for Project Services
UNPP - UN Partner Portal
UNRISD - United Nations Research Institute for Social Development
UNRWA - United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East
UNSCEB - UN System Chief Executives Board ​​​​​​​
UNSDCF - UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework
UNSDG - UN Sustainable Development Group
UNSSC - UN System Staff College
UNU - United Nations University
UNV - United Nations Volunteers Programme
UN-Women - United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women
UNWTO - World Tourism Organization
UPU - Universal Postal Union
USAID - United States Agency for International Development
USG - Under-Secretary-General​​​​​​​
USL - Uncertified Sick Leave
UT, UTC - Universal Time, Universal Time Coordinated
UXB - Unexploded Bombs
UXO - Unexploded Ordnance



VAC - Violence Against children
VAT - Value added tax
VAW - Violence Against Women
VfM - Value for Money
VHND - Village Health & Nutrition Day
VHW - Village Health Worker
VISION - Virtual Integrated System of Information
VLA - Volunteer Living Allowance
VSLA/G - Village Savings and Loans Association/Group



WAHO - West African Health Organization
WASH - Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
WASH BAT - WASH Bottleneck Analysis Tool
WB - World Bank
WBS - Work Breakdown Structure
WCAR - West and Central Africa Region
WCARO - West and Central Africa Regional Office
WFFC - World Fit For Children (Declaration and Plan of Action)
WFP - World Food Programme
WHO - World Health Organization
WICR - Walk-in Cold-Room
WIPO - World Intellectual Property Organization
WiS - WASH in Schools (programme)
​​​​​​​WG - Working Group
WMO - World Meteorological Organization
WSC - World Summit for Children
WSP - Water Safety Planning OR World Bank Water and Sanitation Program
WSUP - Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor
WTO - World Trade Organization
WWN - Water Waste Network



XDR-TB - extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis