Data last updated: February 2024

UNICEF Implementing Partners

As an active member of the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) since 2012, and as per the Information Disclosure Policy (2010), UNICEF is committed to openly sharing information and data on programmes and operations with the public, including on its implementing partnerships, which has also earned UNICEF to be the top scoring UN agency for transparency in 2021. 

Building on the existing efforts and responding to new requirements from some of our major donors, particularly the conditionality of EU funding on publication of more detailed information on Implementing Partners, UNICEF is expanding the publication of information on implementing partners starting in March 2023 to include:

  • Country in which the partner is implementing UNICEF-supported programmes;
  • Title of programme intervention (i.e. name of Country Programme or Strategic Plan output);
  • Purpose of programme intervention (i.e. results statement of Country Programme or Strategic Plan output);
  • Name of partner; and
  • Cash transfer amount from UNICEF to the partner in the relevant calendar year.

Open this link to view and download the 2022 Implementing Partners Data.