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Acronyms from K to N


KAPB - Knowledge Attitude Practice and Behaviour
KII - Key Informant Interviews
KM - Knowledge Management
KOICA - Korea International Cooperation Agency
KPI - Key Performance Indicator
KRA - Key Result Area
KRC - Key Results for Children


LACR - Latin America and Caribbean Region
LACRO - Latin America and Caribbean Regional Office
LAS - League of Arab States
LDC - Least Developed Country
LDH - Linking Development and Humanitarian
LEG - local Education Group
LGAs - Local Government Authorities
LGBTQIA+ - Lesbian; Gay; Bisexual; Transgender;  Queer/Questioning; Intersex; Asexual; The "+" symbol stands for all other sexualities, sexes, and genders that aren't included.
LHD - Linking Humanitarian and Development (e.g. LHD Procedure)
LMICs - Low and Middle Income Countries
LTA - long term agreement


M4R - Monitoring for Results
MAP - Monitoring Action Plan
MAPS - Mainstreaming Acceleration Policy Support (for the SDGs)
M&E - Monitoring and Evaluation
MEB - Minimum Expenditure Basket
MENA - Middle East and North Africa Region
MENARO - Middle East and North Africa Regional Office
MBS - Market-based Sanitation
MCP - Multi Country Programme
MCV - measles-containing vaccine
MDAs - Ministerial Department Agencies
MDGs - Millennium Development Goals
MDM - Master Data Management
MDTF - Multi-Donor Trust Fund
MHH - Menstrual Health and Hygiene
MHPSS - Mental health and psychosocial support
MHM - menstrual hygiene management
MICS - Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey
MIP - Medical Insurance Plan
MIRA - Multi-Cluster Initial Rapid Assessment
MMR - Maternal Mortality Ratio
MNCH - Maternal, newborn and child health
MNO - Mobile Network Operator
MNT - Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus
MoE - Ministry of Education
MoH - Ministry of Health
MOPAN - Multilateral Organization Performance Assessment Network
MoRES - Monitoring Results for Equity Systems
MOSS - Minimum Operational Security Standards
MoU - Memorandum of understanding
MPA - Minimum Preparedness Action
MPDSR - Maternal and Perinatal Death Surveillance and Response
MPS - Minimum Package of Services
MR - Measles and Rubella
MS - Member State(s)
MSDCF - Multi-country Sustainable Development Framework
MSF - Médecins Sans Frontières
M-SMOSS - Monitoring safely managed onsite sanitation services project
MTMR - Mid-Term Management Review
MTSR - Mid-Term Strategic Reflection
MTR - Mid-Term Review
MTSP - Medium-term strategic plan
MUAC - mid-upper-arm circumference


NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NCDs - non-communicable diseases
NCHS - National Child Health Statistics
NDA - Nationally Designated Authority
NDB - New Development Bank
NEET - not in employment, education or training
NEPAD - New Partnership for Africa's Development
NFC No-Fault Compensation
NFE - Non-formal education
NFI - Non-Food Item
NfR - Note for the Record
NGO - Non-governmental organization
NETI - New & Emerging Talent Initiative
NO - National Officer
NPO - National Professional Officer
NRA - National Regulatory Agency
NRC - Norwegian Refugee Council
NSAs - Non-State Actors
NSE - Non-State Entity
NSO - National Statistical Office
NTDs - Neglected Tropical Diseases
NUVI - New and underutilized vaccines
NYHQ - New York Headquarters (UNICEF)

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